Project Background

The photo above shows landscaping and tree planting along Federation Trail, at the Brooklyn end of the MOS Reserve between Millers Rd and Old Geelong Rd. The planting in this section of the reserve has been undertaken over a number of years by a dedicated group of community volunteers, including the Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek and the Brooklyn Residents Action Group. This section of the MOS Reserve is now well used by the local community and connects into the surrounding parkland and open space maintained by Hobson Bay City Council. This is an example of what is possible for the reserve.

In 2017, Melbourne Water engaged GHD to explore a concept design scenario for another section of the MOS Reserve in Brooklyn, between Old Geelong Rd and Kororoit Creek, to show the potential of the site.

NOTE: These ideas are to inspire and encourage positive discussions by the community, stakeholders and Greening the Pipeline partners. The designs explore the idea of removing the cap on the Main Outfall Sewer, and creating a series of naturalised ponds in the reserve. This concept provides inspiration for future possibilities in designing other sections of the MOS Reserve.

Current Main Outfall Sewer Reserve

Proposed Design