The High Line Project in New York is an inspiring example of how an initiative launched by members of the local community led to a closed down rail line being transformed into a green inner-city oasis.

Two residents of the rail line, or high line, neighbourhood founded the Friends of the High Line group, to advocate for the reuse of the high line and its transformation into an urban park.

The group initiated a study to prove that the transformation of the high line into a public space was economically rational and created a momentum large enough to raise awareness within state government.

Today the high line park is one of New York’s key attractions and more than 450 public programs and
community activities are held in the park yearly. The park is owned by the city of New York, and maintained and operated collaboratively with the Friends of the High Line. Friends of the High Line raises 98% of the High Line’s annual budget.

To find out more about the High Line Project, have a look at the Friends of the Highline website.



The Underline will connect communities, improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety, create over a hundred acres of open space with restored natural habitats, encourage a healthy lifestyle, provide an easily accessible place to exercise, create a mobility corridor that integrates transit, car, biking and walking, provide a 10-mile canvas for artistic expression, attract development along US1, and generate significant economic impact.

To find out more about the Miami Underline, have a look at the Underline Website.



Toronto is about to transform a once forgotten space into vibrant common ground. The project ‘Under Gardiner’ will bring communities together, connecting every neighbourhood that it touches.

This continuous passageway from Strachan Avenue to Spadina Avenue is where creativity overlaps with everyday life. Under the Gardiner will soon become an open-ended story and constantly evolving space that is home to a variety of activity — from farmer’s markets, children’s gardens and community gatherings to performances and exhibition halls. Along this urban trail, visitors and commuters will encounter a series of 55 outdoor civic ‘rooms’ formed by the Gardiner’s structure of columns and beams (also known as bents).

This is a legacy project that will empower communities to grow and inspire each other. With a new east-west corridor that runs deep into the city, seven neighbourhoods will be connected to new and existing parks, open spaces as well as improving access to destinations such as BMO Field, the revitalized waterfront, the Harbourfront Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium, and the CN Tower. The space’s footprint crosses more than 70,000 residents across Exhibition Place, Liberty Village, Fort York, Niagara, Wellington Place, Bathurst Quay and City Place.

Project: Under Gardiner is set to open in 2017.

To find out more about the Under Gardiner, have a look at the Under Gardiner website.