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The pilot – Reactivating Williams Landing

To showcase the potential of the pipeline reserve as a green linear parkland, a pilot project commenced in early 2016. Community consultation has been finalised and design concepts are currently being developed. The Williams Landing parkland pilot was initiated in 2014 and was approved in 2016. The pipeline will be transformed by 2017

Community Engagement – revitalising Lawrie Emmins Reserve to Skeleton Creek

We are currently conducting community engagement for a 3.7 kilometre section of the pipeline between Lawrie Emmins Reserve and Skeleton Creek. We are currently gathering ideas from the community, to understand their needs and preferences for the redevelopment of this section of the pipeline reserve along the Federation Trail. This is a really exciting opportunity to realise the potential of the open space for local residents, along with providing tourism and economic outcomes for the businesses along the length of the Federation Trail.

The project partners will continue to work on sourcing funding to complete this stage. With passionate community support, we can build strong grant applications. Would you like to become a ‘Friend of the Pipeline’? Join us today. 

Reimagining the entire Main Outer Sewer reserve

The pilot and community engagement phase sections of the pipeline have been chosen based on the need for local open spaces for residents, and to help create a sense of place for newly created suburbs. Following the pilot and community engagement phases of the project the remaining sections of the Main Outfall Sewer reserve will be reimagined, aiming at transforming the entire Main Outfall Sewer into a natural and vibrant space that will connect communities and provides a unique place for neighbours to meet, play and relax. This is a very long term project, and we cannot promise we will receive funding to realise the vision, but if New York can create the Highline, we believe we can green the pipeline


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