The Greening the Pipeline aims to transform the heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer pipeline reserve, along the Federation Trail bike path, into a parkland to service a growing population in Melbourne’s west. The vision is to create a vibrant space that will connect communities, enhance active transport options for the region, manage water sensitively and provide a unique space to meet, play and relax.

Greening the Pipeline benefits video

Pilot park time lapse of construction


Connecting communities
Connecting communities

Creating vibrant open space

Creating vibrant open space

Improving health wellbeing

Improving health & wellbeing

Enhancing active transport and green links

Managing water sensitively

Celebrating heritage


Zone 5 Detail Design

The master plan has been completed for the section between Lawrie Emmins and Skeleton Creek, approximately 4km. Detail design will begin in 2019 with construction starting in 2019/2020.

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