Pilot park time lapse of construction





To showcase the potential of the Greening the Pipeline, the Pilot Park was built along 100 metres of the reserve in Williams Landing, between Lukis Avenue and McLachlan Drive. Melbourne Water and the Victorian Government jointly funded this project to revitalise 100 metres of the MOS at Williams Landing. A key requirement of this project was to incorporate a local stormwater harvesting system within the parkland. A number of community and stakeholder engagement activities were held over the course of two months in 2016 to inform the design of the pilot park.

Construction of the park commenced in December 2016 and was completed in April 2017. The design of the park consists of green open space with improved connectivity for communities on either side, added amenity such as exercise equipment, seats, drink fountain, bike stands, lighting, and trees added for habitat creation and shading.

The integrated water sensitive design element of the park includes a stormwater treatment, harvesting and reuse system to ensure the sustainable irrigation of the green space and to minimise stormwater runoff to the downstream waterway.

To satisfy heritage requirements, disturbance to the MOS was minimised and its structure retained beneath the park. Filling of the MOS in-situ was considered to be a form of preservation.

The Pilot Park was successfully launched on the 29th April, with around 300 people enjoying the new green open space.

Pilot Park integrated stormwater system design

Thermal Map

Pilot Park – Williams Landing gallery