We are kicking things off today and will be holding our first community consultation workshop! You can find us at Williams Landing train station between 7am and 11am, so come along and share your ideas with us on how to green the pipeline.

Greening the Pipeline is an initiative run in collaboration with Melbourne Water, Wyndham City Council, City West Water and VicRoads, which aims at redeveloping the decommissioned Main Outfall Sewer (‘the pipeline’) in Melbourne’s west into a vibrant parkland that will connect communities and provide a unique place for neighbours to meet, play and relax. The initiative is an exciting opportunity to realise the potential of the open space around the pipeline for local residents, along with providing tourism and economic outcomes for local businesses.

Today’s consultation event at Williams Landing train station is the start of a number of exciting face-to-face and online consultation activities which we will run during May and June 2016. These consultation activities will be a platform for you to share your thoughts and preferences on the future of the pipeline. So, spread the word and let your colleagues, friends and family know about the project. The more feedback we get, the more relevant and amazing the new parkland will be!

To be involved in decisions and discussions beyond these consultation activities, join our Friends of the Pipeline group. With passionate community support, we can have a lasting impact and build strong grant applications to turn your ideas into reality.

Another consultation will be on Williams Landing Shopping Centre Event: Saturday 28th of May, 12pm to 2:00pm.

We look forward to this exciting new chapter of the pipeline!